Get a Library Card

Getting a library card is free and easy for Rhode Island residents!

Cranston Public Library is a member of the  Ocean State Libraries consortium, which means that your public library card is good at any public library in the state. If your local library does not have an item you are interested in, you can request it through our statewide delivery service.  A library card is free for Rhode Island residents. Non-residents may purchase a full use card for $115 per year. Proof of identity with photo and current address is required. Valid types of identification include:

Driver's License
Rental leases or receipts
State ID
College ID
Utility bill or receipt

If you do not have proof of identification, we are able to verify your address by sending a piece of mail to your current address. The postmarked envelope may be used as proof of residency. 

People who work in Rhode Island and reside out-of-state may be issued a local use only card at no charge. They must show proof of employment (work ID or pay stub) and verification of their home address. A local use only card may only be used at the Cranston Public Library and its branches. 

Children under age 13 must have a parent or guardian with them to obtain a library card. Replacement of a lost card is $1.00 fee. You are responsible for all items checked out on your card.

Click here to register for a library card online!