Bond 2014

UPDATE: On Tuesday, November 4, 2014, the residents of Cranston voted to approve Question #10.
The CPL staff and community thank you for your support and look forward to starting the projects listed below!









On November 4, 2014 residents of the city of Cranston will vote on Ballot Question #10. On the ballot, Question #10 will read:

(Chapters 302/248 - Public Laws 2014)
Shall an Act passed at the 2014 session of the General Assembly entitled "An Act authorizing the City of Cranston to finance general capital building improvements to the Cranston Public Library system by the issuance of not more than $1,200,000 bonds thereof" be approved?
Question 10 APPROVE
Question 10 REJECT

This act would authorize the city of Cranston to issue not more than one million two hundred thousand dollars general obligation bonds and temporary notes to finance the improvement, renovation, repair, upgrading and equipping of the public library system in the city.


Just the basics:

Passing Question #10 would give the library the authority to bond 1.2 million dollars over the next five years, with a negligible impact on Cranston taxpayers. The funds would be used to make basic repairs and updates to library facilities.

How great is CPL's need for these funds? 

Over time, all buildings require repair and updating. CPL's facilities are no different. Currently, the Central Library (built in 1983) and the Knightsville Branch (built circa 1956) are in need of new roofs. This past summer, unpredictable roofing leaks at the Central Library led to irreversible damage of more than twenty books, a loss valued at over $500.

In the past two and a half years, Cranston libraries have required numerous capital projects, including two new HVAC systems, the installation of energy efficient lights, asbestos abatement due to flooding, and major drainage repairs - just to name a few.  If Question #10 passes, it will ensure that Cranston Public Library will be able to continue making these standard repairs as necessary.

What will Cranston Public Library (CPL) do with these funds if the bond passes? 

CPL's most pressing projects include new roofs at the Central Library and Knightsville Branch, but several other projects are also awaiting implementation:

          • New lighting will be installed at the Auburn Branch. 
          • Network wiring at the Oak Lawn and Knightsville branches will be updated to increase bandwidth connectivity. 
          • The Central Library's parking lot will be repaired to resolve cracks and uneven surfaces.
          • All six library locations will receive a much-needed upgrade to a 20-year-old phone system. 

The passing of Question #10 will guarantee that these city buildings are maintained in an appropriate and timely manner. 

What will happen at CPL if Question #10 does not pass?

If Question #10 is not passed, we will be unable to keep up with routine maintenance. Visitors will see facilities fall into further states of disrepair. Taxpayer dollars will be wasted as materials continue to be damaged due to the effects of leaky roofs and other unstable conditions.


A Mission That Benefits the Community, Numbers to Prove It

The Cranston Public Library views itself a community resource. Our primary goal is to provide our community with the informational resources that it needs. Our mission statement clarifies this, stating: "The Cranston Public Library brings people, information and ideas together to enrich lives and strengthen the community."

Circulation and visitation statistics support the claim that CPL is a busy place in the city. In the past two years, CPL has circulated more than 1.5 million items to cardholders; in the past year, our reference staff have fielded more than 83,000 transactions with our patrons; and last year, we saw a 32% increase in the number of visitors we had at the library. 

Resources For All

CPL provides resources for every member of the community: seniors, adults and children; job seekers, students and readers; tech gurus, movie buffs, music enthusiasts, and more.

Ease of Use

CPL has six locations throughout the city, and one in every city ward. (Find all six by clicking here!) The Arlington Branch is conveniently located at the Cranston Senior Center, and our Books@Home delivery program provides homebound citizens all over the city with library materials at no charge. 


With computer classes on everything from using a mouse and keyboard to sharing on Facebook, one-on-one technology training sessions, a growing e-book collection, and a publicly accessible 3D printer, CPL is prepared to help patrons of all skill levels match pace with today's technology. 

Youth Literacy

Each year, more than 500 local children participate in our annual Summer Reading Program, which encourages participants to read 5 days a week throughout the summer. This program includes youth of all ages, from across the community. This past summer, middle and high school students clocked 2,992 hours of reading with our program, and over 40 teen volunteers contributed nearly 600 hours of community service to CPL programs.  

Adult Literacy

CPL's partnership with the Rhode Island Family Literacy Initiative (RIFLI) has resulted in regularly scheduled low-cost ESL and citizenship classes at multiple branches in Cranston. With courses offered every year, CPL has helped a great percentage of the Cranston community master the English language and become U.S. citizens.





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