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Fresh Start

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What is the Fresh Start?

The Cranston Public Library, the Cranston Public School Department, and the Mayor's Office have teamed up to make sure every student in Cranston has a working library card.  

We believe all young people benefit from having a library card in their name, and we want to make it easy for young people to get their first library card.  

We also know that some young people already have library cards but can't use them because the cards are lost, expired, or limited by overdue fines.

Usually, it requires a trip to the library to take care of these problems, but the Fresh Start initiative allows parents and students to simply fill out a form and submit it to their school librarian to get what they need.


Who is it for?

The Fresh Start initiative is happening at all public schools in Cranston, and it is for all students between the ages of 5 and 18 in Cranston.

Public school librarians will have forms available at parent nights. Public librarians may also visit middle and high schools during lunches to reach out to students directly. You can download the form here and submit it to your school librarian. Please note it must be submitted to your school librarian.

If you homeschool or attend a private school, please download a form and bring it into any CPL location with proof of address to participate.

What can I do with a Fresh Start Library card?

You can check out books, movies, music, magazines, and surprising items like tools and toys from any public library in the state.  You can also sign on to the public computers at any CPL location to type, print, research, and play.  And you can use your library card number to access these online resources from any location:

Sign into the catalog to see what you have checked out, renew materials, and place holds. 

Download ebooks, audiobooks and streaming media from the eZone website. 

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Can you explain the options on the form?

□ issue a new library card: Check this box if you have never had a library card, or if you have lost your library card.

□ waive fines: Check this box if you have a library card but think it may have fines on it.  (The library charges $.10/day for overdue books and $1/day for overdue movies. If you have more than $5 in fines, you can no longer check out library materials. Check this box to erase your fines and get a Fresh Start!)

□ update contact information: Check this box if you think your address, phone number, or email may have changed, or if you want to change the way the library contacts you. (You can choose whether you want to receive a phone call or an email when library materials you request are available for pick-up.)  We recommend providing an email address.  If you have an email address associated with your library card, you can easily do things online, like reset your PIN number. 

□ reset PIN: Check this box if you do not remember your PIN or don't know if you created one. You need a PIN to sign into the library catalog to see what you have checked out, place holds, renew materials, and pay fines.  You also need a PIN to download ebooks and audiobooks from the eZone. If you check this box, we will delete any old PINs associated with your library card so you can make a new one.  


 What happens next?

If you checked “I need a new library card,” a card will be sent to your school librarian. The new card will have a new number, so your old card number will no longer work.

If you checked "waive fines," all overdue fines will be removed from your card within a week, and you will be able to check out again. Please return any overdue library materials before you hand in your Fresh Start form so the fines on those materials can be waived, too!

If there are still overdue items checked out to you when we process your form, we will send you a list of items and their cost. You will not be able to check out more materials until the items are returned or paid for, but you can still access online resources using your card number.

If you have lost library materials, you can pay for them online by signing into the catalog or contact emilybrown@cranstonlibrary.org for more information.

If you checked "reset my PIN," we will delete any old PINs and enter the PIN you wrote on your form. If you have an email associated with your library card, you can reset your PIN at any time here.


Library Director Ed Garcia, Superintendent Jeannine Nota-Masse, and Mayor Allan Fung [L to R] show their public library cards.

I work at a Cranston public school. Can I fill out a Fresh Start form?

Yes, we will issue a Cranston Public Library card to any teacher or school school department employee if they submit a form through a school librarian. However, you will need to show your ID as proof of address the first time you come in to any public library in Rhode Island to use your card.  You will be able to access online resources immediately. If you do not live in Rhode Island, you will be issued a "local use only" card, which can be used to check out Cranston Public Library materials, but not materials from other libraries in the state.

If you had a library card that was issued by another library in Rhode Island, that library card number will not work after we issue you a Cranston Public Library card.  

We can only waive overdue fines on cards belonging to students between the ages of 5 and 18.


I'm the parent of a Cranston student. Can I fill out a Fresh Start form?

We encourage you to fill out a form for your child and we will issue or update a card in your child's name.

We cannot issue or update a card in your name as part of the Fresh Start initiative, but we hope you will visit any Cranston Public Library location to take advantage of everything the library offers.