Library Policies

Behavior Guidelines

  • Running or using sporting equipment inside the library premises and on outside areas where said use may endanger the safety of other patrons is prohibited


  • Physically / verbally harassing or assaulting patrons and staff is prohibited


  • Carrying on sustained conversations above acceptable noise levels is prohibited


  • Using profane or obscene language and gestures on library premises is prohibited


  • Carrying, possessing or displaying weapons is prohibited


  • Stealing, abusing, defacing or destroying any library property is prohibited


  • Eating, drinking and using tobacco (cigarette, cigar and pipe smoking) inside the library is prohibited


  • Using, selling or trading alcohol and illegal substances or possessing the same for purposes of using, selling or trading on library premises is prohibited


  • Being under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs on library premises is prohibited


  • Engaging in sexual acts on library premises is prohibited


  • Entering into non-public areas of the library and/or using non-public library facilities or equipment without authorization is prohibited


  • Soliciting patrons and library personnel is prohibited


  • Animals are not permitted inside the library, except service animals assisting patrons


  • Use of personal electronic equipment (cellular phones, laptop computers, tape recorders, camera’s and the like) may be limited to certain areas of the library and must not interfere with other library users or staff.


  • Proper dress is required (shoes and shirts are required)


  • Parents are responsible for the behavior of their children in the library 



Library Policy on Unattended Children:

The library staff, recognizing that parents/guardians are the primary caregivers, cannot take responsibility for the supervision of children left unattended in the library. For their protection and well being, children, nine to twelve years, may not be left unattended for more than two hours unless attending a scheduled library program. It is the responsibility of the parent to know the library's closing time. Children who are seven or eight years of age may spend time on their own in the children's area of the library. However, a parent or caregiver (over the age of 14) should be in the building. Children who are six years of age or younger must be attended by a parent or a responsible childcare provider (over the age of 14) while in the library. Parents of preschoolers who attend Storyhour must be with the child until the program begins and present when the program is over.

Parents are responsible for their child's behavior while in the library.

Computer Use Policy: 
A library card is required to access most public computers. Guest passes are reserved for out-of-state visitors. Library cards are not transferable for computer login. Computer users agree to take proper care of all equipment that is the property of the Cranston Public Library. Users and/or their parent or guardian agree to pay replacement cost of any equipment or materials lost or damaged by the user. 
Web filtering software is used to block access to adult sexual content web sites in accordance with federal law. Computer users are encouraged to seek staff assistance to unblock any site that has been erroneously disabled. All decisions as to the use of the computer and other library materials are at the sole discretion of the library. Failure to observe any part of the above agreement may result in suspension of the user's right to use library computers. 
Parents/guardians are responsible for their children’s use of the internet in the library. All parents are encouraged to discuss the use of this resource with their children. 
The availability of library staff to assist users who lack basic computer skills or internet experience is limited. Library staff are not authorized to participate in any commercial enterprise on behalf of a library user including but not limited to the use of credit cards or other financial information. The Cranston Public Library makes no guarantees, either expressed or implied, with respect to any equipment, software, or other library materials.
No files may be saved or software installed on the library’s hard drive. Printing costs $.20 per page for black & white and $.50 per page for color. Files may be saved to a user’s personal storage device as applicable. 
A maximum of two people may use the workstation at one time. Computer time is limited to one hour if someone is waiting. Computer services end 15 minutes prior to library closing. 
Donations Guidelines
The Cranston Public Library is continuously enriched by the generous donations of its patrons. When patrons inquire about donating materials, please use the following guidelines.


We will accept the following materials in MINT condition only: 


1.                  Adult hardcover and paperback books.

2.                  Children’s hardcover and paperback books.

3.                  Young adult hardcover and paperback books.

4.                  Compact discs in original cases.

5.                  DVDs in original sleeves.

6.                  Unabridged books on CD in original packaging.



We will not accept the following:


1.                  Any materials that have odors or stains.             

2.                  Any materials that have been stored in attics, cellars or garages.

3.                  Textbooks

4.                  Encyclopedias.

5.                  Readers Digest condensed books.

6.                  Magazines of any kind.

7.                  Vinyl record albums.

8.                  Audiocassettes.

9.                  Computer games and software

10.                Computers and other electronic items.

11.                Puzzles, games and toys, including stuffed animals.

12.                Video cassettes.

13.                Books on tape.



Federal regulations prohibit the library from giving estimates of value for donated materials.  All donations become the property of the Cranston Public Library and are added to the collection, sold in the library book sale, or discarded.


3D Printing Policy

The library maintains a Makerbot Replicator 2X 3D printer for use by the public in the library’s classroom or lab setting only.  Use of the 3D printer is at the discretion of library staff.  Please see attached policy and procedures guidelines below: