**Central Opening at 12pm on Thurs. 12/13**William Hall Library  Closed Thurs. 12/13**

Contact Us

Central Library phone number: 401-943-9080         

Central Library email address: central@cranstonlibrary.org

Branch Locations & Phone Numbers


Library Director  Edward Garcia

401-943-9080 x100  edgarcia@cranstonlibrary.org

Assistant Director  Julie Holden

401-943-9080 x101  julieholden@cranstonlibrary.org

Coordinator of Adult & Information Services  Elizabeth G. Johnson
401-943-9080 x111  bethjohnson@cranstonlibrary.org

Coordinator of Youth Services  Emily Brown
401-943-9080 x119  emilybrown@cranstonlibrary.org

Coordinator of Technology  Corrie MacDonald
401-943-9080 x129  cmacdonald@cranstonlibrary.org

Head of Circulation  Barbara Angelone
401-943-9080 x110  bangelone@cranstonlibrary.org

Library Communications Manager Rachel Hutchinson
401-943-9080 x105  rhutch@cranstonlibrary.org 

Head of Teen Services  Linda Archetto
401-943-9080 x112  lindaarchetto@cranstonlibrary.org


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