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Arts School Tools

  • Action Plates Toolkit Contents

    Action Plates Toolkit

    This kit includes rubbing plates and a holder for creating superhero comic characters.

    Use it to develop characters, think about texture in art, and practice drawing the human form.

    It pairs well with the storytelling kit.

  • Boomwhacker Toolkit Contents

    Boomwhacker Toolkit

    This kit includes musical tubes tuned to the C scale, plus a book of simple songs.

    Use it to learn the scale and introduce music theory--or just have fun making musical sounds!

    It pairs well with the roll-up keyboard.

  • Flower Press Toolkit Contents

    Flower Press Toolkit

    This kit includes a flower press, tweezers, and scissors.

    Use it to study the parts of plants, life cycles, and seasons, or just to make some beautiful stationary!

    It pairs well with the easel kit if you want to paint en plein air as well.

  • Loom Toolkit Contents

    Loom Toolkit

    This kit includes a wooden loom and accessories, plus some yarn. 

    Use it to teach patterns, descorative arts, and traditional crafts.

    It pairs well with materials that can be woven--try collecting grasses, scraps of fabric, chenille stems, and rope for interesting textures.

  • Mini-Movie Making Toolkit Contents

    Mini-Movie Making Toolkit

    This kit contains a clapper, tripod, simple video camera, and table top spotlights.

    Use it to make movies with toys or even life-size videos, though the lights are perfect for toys and table top sets. Use the still photo setting to make stop motion movies!

    This kit pairs well with the Pic-Pac Stop Motion App(opens in a new tab) and storyboard templates(opens in a new tab)

  • Puppet Theater Toolkit Contents

    Puppet Theater Toolkit

    This kit contains a puppet theater with two backdrops and a roll-up curtain, as well as a small selection of puppets.

    Use it to retell stories, learn about stagecraft, and put on a show!

    It pairs well with the sewing kit if you want to sew your own puppets.

  • Roll-up Keyboard Toolkit Contents

    Roll-up Keyboard Toolkit

    This kit includes a roll-up keyboard with 50 rainbow-colored keys and a power cord. 

    Use it to teach the relationship between tones, such as whole and half steps, scales, and chords.

    It pairs well with the Blue Moo book and CD--play along by ear!

  • Tabletop Easel Toolkit Contents

    Tabletop Easel Toolkit

    This kit includes a table top easel, plastic palette, chalk, and paint brushes. 

    Use it to teach art concepts like line, space, shape, and color, or to explore the life and work of painters like Frida Kahlo and Vincent van Gogh.

    It pairs well with picture books about art appreciation, like these(opens in a new tab).


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