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Life Skills School Tools

  • Brainteasers Toolkit Contents

    Brainteasers Toolkit

    This kit contains four 3D puzzles. 

    Use it to work on memory, concentration, and logic.

    It pairs well with long car rides and other things you have to sit through quietly.

  • Compass Toolkit Contents

    Compass Toolkit

    This kit contains a compass, pace counter, and three topographic maps of Cranston.

    Use it to teach map reading, cardinal directions, and using a compass.

    It pairs well with the Binoculars Toolkit.

  • Laces and Fasteners Toolkit Contents

    Laces and Fasteners Toolkit

    This kit contains laces, beads, and a "busy board" with different fasteners.

    Use it to work on small motor skills and "practical life" skills like getting dressed and tying your shoes.

    It pairs well with craft projects like making necklaces with cereal or using a hole punch to make your own lacing cards.

  • Obstacle Course Toolkit Contents

    Obstacle Course Toolkit

    This kit contains cones, rings, and bean bags.

    Use it to create your own obstacle course or pair it with items you have to build a mini "golf" course, set of carnival games, or relay races.

    It pairs well with the Time Toolkit.

  • Play Cash Register Toolkit Contents

    Play Cash Register Toolkit

    This kit includes a play cash register with play money and a toy credit card. The cash register is a working calculator and the play money includes pennies, nickles, dimes, quarters, and one, five, ten and twenty dollar bills.  

    Use it to teach money, budgeting, and adding and subtracting with decimals.

    It pairs well with the balance scale kit for grocery store simulations.

  • Play Food Toolkit Contents

    Play Food Toolkit

    This kit includes play fruits and vegetables, baskets for sorting, and a My Plate game with place settings, spinner, and pictures of food.

    Use it to teach food groups and meal planning--it's also helpful for teaching colors.

    It pairs well with the play cash register if you want to play Farmers Market!

  • Sewing Machine Toolkit Contents

    Sewing Machine Toolkit

    This kit contains a small sewing machine, thread, craft scissors, pins, a measuring tape, and some fabric. You may use as much of the fabric and thread as you like!

    Use it to practice sewing in a straight line, cutting and tracing shapes, and measuring and folding.

    It pairs well with our puppet theater toolkit. Sewing a hand puppet is a great beginner project!

  • Time Toolkit Contents

    Time Toolkit

    This kit contains a clock with moveable hands, a write & wipe clock, a stopwatch, and some activity cards.

    Use it to teach time of day, elapsed time, and routines.

    It pairs well with the obstacle course kit and the balance scale kit.


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