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Mathematics School Tools

  • 100 Bead Counting Frame Contents

    100 Bead Counting Frame

    This kit contains a 100-bead Rekenrek or "counting frame" and flashcards with the numbers 1-100.

    Use it to teach number recognition, subsitizing, two-digit addition, and single-digit multiplication. 

    It pairs well with the Numbers Bingo Toolkit.

  • Base 10 Blocks Toolkit Contents

    Base 10 Blocks Toolkit

    This kit contains blocks representing the ones, tens, and hundreds place, as well as one block representing 1,000. 

    Use it to teach place value and visualize operations.

    It pairs well with A Visual Guide to Math(opens in a new tab).

  • Fraction Formula Toolkit Contents

    Fraction Formula Toolkit

    This kit contains game pieces in shape of gradulated cylinders and tubes that represent different fractions of the cylinders. 

    Use it to teach fractions, building equivalency, and adding and subtracting parts of a whole.

    It pairs well with the balance scale toolkit.

  • Geoboard Toolkit Contents

    Geoboard Toolkit

    This kit contains three 6"x6" geoboards and three 9"x9" geoboards, plus lots of elastic bands in different sizes, and cards with patterns to recreate. 

    Use it to teach shapes, perimeter, and area.

    It pairs well with the Dash Robot with Sketch toolkit.

  • Geometric Doodling Kit Contents

    Geometric Doodling Kit

    This kit contains a Spriograph kit, multicolored pens, a compass, a protractor, and 3 shape stencil rulers.

    Use it to teach the properties and measurement of circles, curves, and angles.

    It pairs well with the Geoboard kit.

  • Number Pegs Toolkit Contents

    Number Pegs Toolkit

    This kit includes 100 stacking pegs and boards with the numbers 1 to 10. 

    Use it to teach number recognition, counting, and subsitizing. 

    It pairs well with the Numbers Bingo toolkit.

  • Numbers Bingo Toolkit Contents

    Numbers Bingo Toolkit

    This kit contains the game "Zingo 1-2-3," a bingo game with 6 double-sided bingo cards and a "Zinger" that dispenses number tiles.

    Use it to teach number recognition and simple addition.

    It pairs well with the Number Pegs Toolkit.

  • Pattern Blocks Toolkit Contents

    Pattern Blocks Toolkit

    This kit includes pattern blocks in 6 different shapes and little cards with pictures you can make. 

    Use it to teach shapes and patterns--even fractions if you're creative! 

    It pairs well with the Geoboard toolkit. Can you recreate the pictures using the geoboard and rubber bands instead of pattern blocks?


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