**Closed Monday July 4 for Independence Day**

CPL Booklit

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Booklit is a pop-up mobile reading spot, a unique collection of reading material housed in a rolling, unfolding book case and complemented by seating and a pop-up tent. 

Booklit is there for on-the-spot, in-the-moment reading at special events. Unlike the library, it does not offer books for check-out, but instead encourages  public acts of reading, browsing, exploring and talking about books.

Last year, some of our favorite visits were the Urban Nature Explorers closing event at the Roger Williams Park Zoo Big Backyard and the YMCA Summer Camp at Ok-Wa-Nessett.

Booklit's collection includes books you might not even find at the library, like pop-up books, as well as board books, atlases, short stories, poems, jokes, favorite picture books, and collections of surprising facts for children and adults. Library staff transport Booklit using the library van and are on hand to  answer questions.   

Booklit was funded by a grant from the Rhode Island Foundation. The cart and benches were fabricated by the Uni Project. The initial collection of books was funded by the Mary Ann & Walter Slocomb Fund.

Find Booklit on social media using the hashtag #ribooklit.


Please note that to deliver Booklit, we need to be able to park the van nearby. We have a ramp that allows us to go up small inclines, but we can generally only set up in places that are wheelchair accessbile.  Once set up, Booklit takes up about 15 square feet of space, including the seating.